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ABOUTVIPone of the leading companies in the field of information technology services and security systems , we permanently offer our distinguished services since the beginning of the millennium .the company has the best engineers and technicians with long experience in the field of establishing and...

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Making maintenance contracts with companies and factories

The company provides service contracts maintenance for companies and individuals, and through this service we will do periodic maintenance of all computers and accessories and camera system, which ensures the continuation of its work without problems and will be delivered to the maintenance team and...

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Supply and installation of security cameras

Cameras transmit signals captured in two ways and each type has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the location, camera conditions, distance from which the signal is transmitted and the quality of the image to be capturedWired system (cable system): a camera connected to wires and cables, th...

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Supply and installation of Private Branch exchange

It is an internal PBX that is installed inside the company or entity to manage the internal communication between the employees and each other. The calls are made through the internal switchboard independently and separate from the "official" external lines of communication and therefore, whatever t...

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Supply and installation of time attendance and departure machines

These systems are used to determine the time of attendance, departure, signing, delay, overtime, days of absence, salaries, discounts, observers, records .. When you use one of the recording devices to attend the footprint system, you avoid many mistakes and problems of tampering with attendance And...

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VIP Products Exclusive

VIP Products Exclusive

Cashier system

is dedicated to follow-up sales to facilitate the process of selling and buying and keep the management always aware of the movement of sales and the condition of the store. It offers advanced features such as automatic channel control, reporting on the balance sheet and statement of profit and loss...

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